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About the project
This dynamic, interactive, crossmedia experience tells the stories of urban trees and allows you to participate in all kinds of ways. It invites anyone: schools, families, walkers, tourists… to join the adventure of discovering the forest that’s growing, right here in our city.
Explore and be amazed
Wood Wide Web invites you to open your eyes: look at Brussels as if it were a forest. Through the map and various entries, you can explore it and (re)discover the trees in the city, their stories and specific qualities. The aim is to inspire a sense of wonder: discover their beauty, their role and their character, both inside and out.
Encounter Connect
Wood Wide Web builds links between trees and a diverse range of players in the cultural, social, scientific and institutional worlds. This community nourishes the growth of the urban forest and offers a whole series of activities around and beneath the trees. Anyone can get involved in these activities in the field.
Contribute Drive growth
We invite you to join the adventure. You, too, can add your favourite tree and your media content for others to enjoy. We hope that you will be inspired to join us in helping this urban forest to thrive: you can adopt a tree (or several), take care of a tree, or even plant new ones.
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Look at Brussels
as a forest
Join us
in growing the forest
Add a tree to the atlas
This tool is the heart of the project. It allows you to: locate trees, access their media content and add your own. The aim: bit by bit, to transform this map into a flourishing jungle…

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Identify the tree specie, and geolocate it
We offer some tips to help you geolocate your tree, and tools for determining what kind of tree it is.

Read more about "Species"
Read more about "Geolocation"
Plant a tree
It's possible to plant a tree in the city!
And also, to care for trees.
How to keep it sustainable?
More soon: in late 2018 and spring 2019
The community:
Thank you to the trees and the forest.
These sensitive, communicative, complex, silent,
and incredibly efficient living beings which inspire us
and help us with so many essential things in life.
Thank you as well to everyone that gets involved,
whether regularly or occasionally, with Wood Wide Web.
Our project only makes sense if it functions as a collective. Since 2013, we have sown seeds together with associations, collectives, institutions, schools and companies all around us. They have grown thanks to various participants who have put the trees at the heart of their programmes, productions, work and life. With us, they have planted trees in Brussels’s soil and onto our Wood Wide Web map, growing urban forests both in real life and on our virtual web. Thank you to:
Everyone who has trees and forests at the heart of their programmes and actions. Together, we propose activities in the field with the aim of bringing trees and people together.
"Pinhole tree" , "Necropolis tree" , "The Thought Tree" , "Under the cobblestones... the roots! » , "Botanicum Tree" (1) , "Talking Tree" , "The craftstree" , American elm , Fig tree , Persian ironwood, Ironwook , Oriental plane tree , Common yew , European beech , Copper beech, Purple European Beech , Common horse chestnut , Callery pear , Lime, Large-leaved , Common silver birch , Common silver birch , Common horse chestnut , European beech , London plane , Yellow-poplar , "The Seeding Tree" , Small-leaved linden, European linden , "The Tribe Tree" , "The Grove Tree" , "The farmers' tree" , « Melancholia trees » , Golden weeping willow , « Avijl tree » (1) , Common silver birch , Yellow-poplar , "A forest" boom , "The messenger" , "Touch Tree" , "Ma Campagne" tree (1) , "Ma campagne" tree (2) , "MA campagne" tree (3) , "Ma campagne" tree (4) , "Ma campagne " tree (5) , "Ma campagne "tree , "Humus boom" , "Alley trees" , "Cherokee Tree" , "Trajectory tree" , "A fully present tree" , Large-leaved lime , "Alhambra Tree" , "The silk tree" , "The lanscaping tree" (1) , "The landscaping tree" (2) , "The landscaping tree" (3) , "Touch Tree" (2) , "Touch Tree" (3) , European beech, common beech
Standing with us and helping us in an understated way, these participants really anchor the project and help it grow scientifically and suitably. They surround us, encourage us, advise us, challenge us, and support us. Thank you to:
Everyone who helps us bring our project to people, by offering or exchanging their theoretical and practical knowledge, by sharing their data/information, or by providing illustrations/photos which sometimes were previously unpublished. Scientists, passionate dendrologists, municipal officials of green spaces, gardeners, etc. – in particular:
Bruno Campanella
Catherine Leclercq
Nicole Hanquart
Joke Ossaer
Guillaume Mamdy
Sophie Barré
Frédéric Cousseran
Pierre Meert
Guillaume Pé
Anton Laurent
Clémentine Leemans
Ursula Wieser
May Reinke
Wolfgang Vahsen
Gérard Carbonnelle
Marc Delisse
Léon Meganck
Sébastien Lezaca
Laetitia Eudier
Frédéric Boutry
Alain Waterlot
Juliana Moreira de Castro
Olivier Mingers
Sébastien Lezaca
Nicolas Hanquart
Paul Gourgue
André et Viviane Staner
Marc Florin
Jan Vandervorst
Denis Diagre
Valérie Charavel
Jérôme Degreef
Their organisations, management, colleagues or teams that allowed them to join us. Deserving particular mention are: the Natural Heritage Department of the Brussels Capital Region, the Botanic Garden Meise, the Belgian Society of Dendrology, the Association of Remarkable Trees of France, and also the individual municipalities of Forest, Watermael-Boitsfort, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Schaerbeek, City of Brussels, etc.
Everyone who has tested, questioned, corrected, checked, and translated our work, and helped us expand our network... Their honesty, and their constructive and kind criticisms, helped us to take a step back, to change perspective, or simply to avoid errors.
Andreas Dietl
Anne Sophie Walazyc
Muriel Verhaegen
Jean Louis Van Malder
Denis Bouillon
Nicole Tonneau
Bernard Bachelard
Henriette Herkes
Thierry Lacasse
Frank Hidvegi
Sabine Husson
Pierre Timmermans
Mai Sas
Everyone who indirectly watches over the forest, encouraging us, creating the conditions – whether spatial, temporal and sometimes even material – that allow us to do our work. This adventure would not be the same without their presence, patience and love.
Our partners and companions
Our children
Our close friends
Our mentors
Although this list is already long, it is by no means exhaustive: it represents only a part of the vast human forest! Thank you to everyone who – from near and far, anonymously, indirectly, and sometimes even unknowingly – have fertilised the Wood Wide Web or made it radiate around them.
A special thank you to the organisations that believed in this slightly wild project led by a young non-profit organisation, putting trust in its development and its changes, and supporting us financially and instrumentally. These partners have a special mention on our site’s homepage.
The current Wood Wide Web team
Priscille Cazin, co-founder and head of Wood Wide Web, author of the portraits and records about these remarkable trees, co-author and media co-director, facilitator and project spokesperson in the field.
Priscille is an author, scriptwriter, director, journalist, producer, and social and environmental entrepreneur For 20 years, she has been creating, developing and producing information programmes and audio-visual creations for various media, including youth media (radio, TV, online). She also conducts awareness campaigns in the field and through media channels aimed at a wide audience. Priscille is passionate about bringing science to the people, handling information through sound and image, and communicating empathically. For several years, themes related to nature and humans have been at the heart of her work. She runs workshops related to trees and soil for youths and adults, and guides groups through the heart of the forest.
Contact :
Gwen is the project videographer, researcher and image solutions developer (video, VR360), video co-author and co-director.
For more than 10 years, alongside news, institutional and documentary shooting, Gwen has been constantly experimenting with new techniques using machinery, drones and on-board cameras. Gwen is hands-on and constantly developing his film shooting kit. He makes and modifies his own accessories to optimize his film shooting. The forest is this rising cameraman’s favourite site for audio-visual experimentation. In the search for organic and sensual images, he adapts his techniques to each tree’s morphology.
Contact :
Griet leads the project’s Dutch-speaking development, both online and with groups in the field.
Griet worked as a writer and coordinator in the world of theatre for many years, before her desire to reimmerse herself in action and creativity manifested itself. She trained intensively in mindfulness and presence, and studied a 4-year course to become a body and movement therapist. Her creative journey mixes performance and ceremony, is anchored in nature, and connects individuals with trees. The ‘Ancient Wisdom’ is also an indispensable fertile ground for her and her practice.
Behind the scenes
Patrick Delfosse, author, director, producer, journalist. Other than managing Instant News Services (INS), Patrick is also the president of the ThreeTwoShoot non-profit organisation which brought us together and produced the Wood Wide Web. He is our keeper and guardian angel.
Frédéric Fiévé, co-founder of Wood Wide Web, co-animater and organiser, co-director of art and project techniques: humble driver of the project until 2017.
Other Team Members
Bruno Campanella: Doctor of environment and agronomist, member of the team in charge of the inventory of remarkable trees within the Brussels capital region’s Direction des Monuments et des Sites department. With his advice and scientific knowledge, Bruno plays a key role in helping us put together the 150 records and portraits in Wood Wide Web. Together with Catherine Leclercq, they often enlighten us about many subjects.
Atelier Cartographique – Pierre, Nina and Sophie work with us to develop the website for the Wood Wide Web and its overall design.
Triangle Translation – Joan Roels, Samantha Couset and their team of translators help ensure our site, tree portraits and records are all trilingual.
Our Collaborators
Slanje – Mark Vanderstraten, post-production and co-director of portrait-format videos
Animal Sound – Arnaud Riedinger, sound engineer, musician and sound designer
Numic – Graphic design, Julien-Pierre Buse and team
7 billion urbanists – Collaborative urban planning laboratory / open source